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Mixing is the process of putting multiple layers of audio together to make one final track, or to musically modify an existing track. When it comes to your songs, this means using compression, equalization, balance, filters, effects and audio augmentation to modify your vocals to meet the industry standard.

Mastering means putting the extra polish on your project in preparation on for replication factory requirements or record label security concerns. Mastering is adding sparkle & shine to your music. It gives your project that extra “umph”.

A Professional Sound: Mastering gives your music the professional commercial quality necessary to compete nationally and globally. It doesn’t matter if your audio is planned for radio, CD/cassette duplication, or publishing to the internet, it must be mixed & mastered to reach its potential and stand out in today’s world.

A Fresh Pair of Ears: It’s a huge benefit that the audio engineer working on your project wasn’t there when you recorded your songs. Hearing your songs for the first time, a fresh pair of ears can offer truly objective advice and help.

A. Pick Your Package & Checkout with PayPal:

Mixing & Mastering:

B. Prepare your tracks:

Step 1:Export vocal tracks INDIVIDUALLY.

Ensure they do not have any effects (compression, EQ, Reverb) on them.

Ensure ALL tracks have the same starting point, so they will automatically line up

Step 2: Save them in ONE .zip or .rar file.

Save them in one folder.

Right click the folder and select “send to compressed zip folder”

Contact us if you need help with this.
We can walk you through it, or even connect to your computer and do it for you.

C. Upload the .zip or .rar file using the form below, Dropbox, or Google Drive

Upload Your Vocal Tracks
Upload all vocal tracks (WAV format) in ONE .zip or .rar file.